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"Providing healthy activities"

"High-quality health maintenance support"

"Building an equal care environment"

"Support for high-precision market entry in the medical field" ​​

Lepios Solutions is a team with over 20 years of experience in these areas.

We provide services with high expertise and feasible prices.



For satisfaction beyond expectations


​​Import agency for medical equipment, etc.

From Japan to overseas

From overseas to Japan

Super obesity long-term care product sales

To the field of obesity care

Providing reliable support

Healthcare product mail order

Achieved high absorption efficiency

​​ Proposal of liposomal supplement

Service overview

All for QOL

Medical equipment import agency

​Quickly arrange the world's most advanced medical equipment

Due to the regulations of the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law in Japan, it takes a lot of time to approve the sale of medical devices. It is often said that some devices are two generations ahead of the market when they are approved for sale in Japan.

At Lepios Solutions, a consultant who has been active as a marketing company for more than 20 years at a global medical device manufacturer will understand Dr's needs, provide accurate information and provide information, and will assist you on behalf of importers.

Super obesity long-term care product sales

​For the realization of fulfilling long-term care in an obese society

Elderly obesity has increased sharply in recent years, and the population of elderly obesity in 2020 is about to exceed 30%. Among them, the number of elderly people who weigh more than 100 kg is increasing, and when they become long-term care recipients, most of the care beds only support up to 100 kg, and wheelchairs can be rented by long-term care insurance. Various difficult situations such as not being able to occur occur. In addition, local governments are also lacking in information, and the current situation is that they are not able to provide sufficient information and services.
Lepios Solutions provides education and information to care managers nationwide, and provides services for the implementation of appropriate long-term care for super-obese long-term care recipients.

Mail order of overseas healthcare products

​To realize a healthier life

Lepios Solutions is focusing on importing and selling liposomal supplements that are absorbed into the body at the molecular level and delivered in high concentrations.
Compared to tablet supplements, which contain more additives than active ingredients, liposomal supplements, which are directly absorbed by the mucous membranes, are sold in a large number of products overseas.
Lepios Solutions will carefully select and deliver only scientifically proven products.
We also carefully select and deliver other healthcare products.


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