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Import and Sales of Supplements

What is a Liposomal supplement?

The name "liposome" comes from two Greek words. 

"Lipos," which means fat, and "Soma," which means body. 

It refers to artificial micro-vesicles consisting of an aqueous core surrounded by one or more phospholipid layers.


These are microscopic "nano" sized spheres (vesicles) made from phospholipids.


Supplements such as pills and capsules only reach the tissues about 20% of the amount taken. With Liposomal, about 90% of the intake reaches the tissues, providing high efficacy.

It can carry water-soluble or fat-soluble substances, making it an ideal delivery system.

Why liposomes are chosen? 

比較表_アートボード 1-min.jpeg

Difference from other ingredients

Difference from other ingredients


Difference from other ingredients

Difference from other ingredients


Tablet Supplement 

Acerola Juice  

Regular capsules and tablets of supplements must be absorbed from the mouth, through the digestive system, and finally in the small intestine. 

This mechanism is called bioavailability. 

General metabolic process 

Metabolized in the liver 

In the body
​ Be taken in



Digestive enzymes, digestive acids, bile salts, etc. Various intestinal microflora break down nutrients

This series of processes reduces the bioavailability of nutrients. 

Process of liposome absorption 


mucous membrane 

blood flow 

Cells and Tissues

With liposome technology, nutrients can bypass these degradation steps. The active ingredient or sealed nutrient is released directly into the bloodstream, which is released into cells and tissues, thus maintaining very high bioavailability. 


Liposomes are an attractive nanoencapsulation system that can enhance encapsulated materials' stability against various environmental, enzymatic, and chemical stresses.

Because of its biocompatibility and biodegradability, it is widely used in the fields of pharmaceuticals and supplements. 



Commitment to our products

Data-Oriented Supplementation

Search the world over for supplements that have proven results based on factual data, not on the brand or image of the supplement, and provide more effective and safer supplements to our customers. 

Providing Sustainable Health Maintenance 

Offer supplement products that customers can continue to use with confidence, at attractive prices, without being influenced by price or product market inducement. 

Always listen to the voice of the customer 

Feel free to contact us if you have any supplements that you would like to have. We will do our best to answer your questions and provide you with supplements from around the world that meet your needs. 

Lepios Solutionsはブランドに拘ること無く  良質なリポソーム製品を世界から発掘して皆様にお届けします。
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